Eco Pellets

Culterra Eco Pellets are ideal for soil improvement and the planting and feeding of established plants. It is an effective organic ,non-chemical fertilizer that that is high in nitrogen which is the main nutrient plants require for healthy leaf and root growth. Culterra Eco Pallets can be used as an all-purpose general fertilizer in and around the garden and your vegetable patch


2kg, 5kg, 10kg


Multi – Kelp Organic water

Culterra Multikelp is an organic liquid fertilizer suitable for both acid and alkaline loving plants. Culterra Multikelp can be used on herbs, vegetables, and fruit-bearing plants and should be applied as a foliar feed through fertigation or drenching.

Soluble Plant Food



1 Litre

5 Litre


Bone Meal

Culterra bone meal is a source of phosphates, calcium and magnesium. The product should be used at the time of planting by including it in your planting holes. Broad cast application to flower beds before planting will assist with the establishment of newly planted plants.


2, 5, 10, 20, 50

Lawn Booster 715 (19) + T.E.

An organic fertilizer with natural micro-nutrients. Produces a beautiful green lawn with almost instantaneous results. Micro nutrients have been added.


5, 10, 50

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