Wooden Products

Rustic Veggie Planter

Make use of a Culterra rustic veggie planter for planting out your vegetables.

Rustic Herb Planter

Make use of a Culterra rustic herb planter for planting out your herbs.

Panel Rustic Planter Boxes

Culterra rustic planter boxes are available in 1, 2 and 3 panels. They are ideal for planting out succulents herbs and make an excellent flower box for annuals and perennials.

Nursery Stakes and Wooden Laths

Culterra supplies a complete range of CCA treated nursery stakes and wooden laths. Nursery stakes and wooden laths are essential for training the stem of a tree to be straight and encourage vertical growth in trees. They are excellent for supporting single-stemmed trees, roses, and shrubs.

Picket Panel Solid

Culterra picket panels are ideal for bordering garden beds and keeping pets at bay.

180 high x 1 m

Seed Tray

Delicate and colourful waxbills, finches, firefinches, canaries and bronze mannikins, are best attracted by leaving some tufts of grass to grow tall enough to set seed. Seed-eating birds frequent most grass species.

300mm x 300mm

Hanging Bird Feeder

Birds are enticed into your garden by providing safe nesting and roosting sites, supplying permanent fresh water and natural sources of food. By planting a selection of indigenous shrubs and trees that provide fruit will attract your favourite birds to your garden.

400mm x 350mm

Terra Edge – Round Tanolith & Round Creosote

Culterra round edging can be used to border edges of garden beds. Round edging is available in black creosote and green tannolith. The product is available in height of 200 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm.

Round Tanolith (Brown) – 200; 300; 400mm
Round Creosote (Black) – 200; 300; 400mm

Ammo Boxes

Culterra ammo boxes can be used to plant up herbs, veggies and shrubs and are convenient for storage of garden and workshop tools.

300 x 450mm

Picket Fencing

Culterra picket fencing is ideal for bordering garden beds and keeping pets out of flower beds.

300mm x 1m