Culterra stocks a wide range of pots whether it be plastic or concrete. We have the PC range which are standard green, terra cotta and white pots ranging in size from 8cm to 35cm. Some of these pots are available in black and square. This range of pots are affordable and ideal for potting out large quantities of trees and shrubs.

We stock a colour range of imported pots from Holland. Colour available are anthracite, lime green, lavender, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow and dark green. Our range includes six different types. All plastic pots are UV treated for outdoor use and have drainage holes at the bottom to aid plant growth.

In 2015 Culterra started manufacturing concrete pots made from light weight concrete and now are stockist of a wide range in different shapes and sizes suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our concrete pots are made in different colour. See the below descriptions for our colour range in concrete.

plastic pots

coir baskets

concrete pots

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